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About Us

Welcome from SAAWEDO
(Southern African and American Women Economic Development Organization)!

SAAWEDO focuses on alleviating short and long term poverty on disadvantaged women by promoting health, housing, education and networking, as well as strengthening self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship, through referrals and resource development. Professional and business support network aimed at stimulating, encouraging, and supporting women of all walks of life to play a leadership role in the development of their communities in diaspora and globalization.

Our Mission & Aim

  • Promote, and empower impoverished families and self-dependency.
  • Develop economic independence for families
  • Cultivate respect on exchange programs for cultural diversity
  • Provide services to achieve basic life needs to overcome poverty
  • Arts & crafts and stone carvings (Shona carvings)

Global and International Culture and Diversity
Ethical business communication collectively exchange of information between individuals or groups of cultural diversity of people.   To socially, and ethically aim on improvements taking priority in ethical communication both internal, and international global trade ethics.  Entrepreneurship workshop trainings, shipping of goods. Adhering to Standard Operating Procedures, Safety, labeling of goods, marketing, and following procedures on International Business standards. Small business start-up, exchange of education, students, artists’ athletes between SAAWEDO countries and promote cultural understanding.

Connecting with Africa Growth Trade Opportunity
To focus on how people from different cultural backgrounds connect amongst themselves and how they endeavor to communicate across cultures within AGOA beneficiary scope.  Advocacy support of SAAWEDO-AGOA – Families & Women Entrepreneurship. Promoting integration; management of diversity, advocate and support the AGOA sponsorship.

US AGOA Cross Cultural business Exchange Opportunities
Interexchange English speaking businesses & travel matches with AGOA members Southern African American Economic Organization (SAAWEDO).  Rejuvenate International educational system by introducing powerful principles such as shipping and able to meet international deadlines before goods expirations.

Goods involves treasures of Africa – African attires, copper bangles, beads, Shona carvings and traditionally produced shea-butter. ETC.

For interest in supply of locally produced copper electric cables, bangles, and utensils, please complete the attached form:

3 + 13 =

Board Members

SAAWEDO is affiliated with AGOA eligible members led by detoolated volunteers, made up of African descendant living in the US Chicago and Bay area in California.  Members vigorously create development design that will utilize a comprehensive capacity training approach to promote and connect socio-cultural understanding between developed countries and AGOA eligible countries. Board members are elected by credibility, and includes founders.

Board Members Names

Darryl F Evans   –    President
Professor Margaret- Executive Director
Veronica Wilson – Director Business
Faith Evans – Manager Administration
Tanya Mushohwe – Coordinator Exchange Program
Batsi Goto – AGOA Southern Africa
Daniel Osakwe – Manager Fundraising
Calvin Chikumbo Director – AGOA Civil Engineer South Africa
Tatenda Magocha Board Member AGOA Business lawyer South Africa
Tsungai Matope – Board Member Intellectual Property Lawyer Zambia

Leadership & Networking Opportunities

With diverse membership, business referrals and other related organizations, exposure to numerous professionals involved in all walks of life as well as development and growth of southern African eminent. Participants to develop leadership skills through committee involvement.
From our executive board to staff leaders, the people at SAAWEDO have detoolated their professional lives to improving the world living standards, through Africa’s growth and development.


This pilot project collaborates with a local physician and his clinical staff to treat its members in Southern Africa. The overall goal is to eventually provide service and treatment to all members of communities here and abroad. Together we will move these families to a life of health and self-sufficiency through educative programs.

We provide recommendations on an array of HIV care and treatment issues (e.g., anti-retro viral therapy, opportunistic infection treatment and prophylaxis) as well as guidance on conducting HIV testing and counseling. Guidelines are regularly updated by expert panels. When referrals are made, the patient’s willingness and ability to accept and complete a referral is assessed. Self-identified priorities are more likely to be successful than those that are not; the services need to be responsive to the patient’s needs and appropriate for the patient’s culture, language, age and developmental level.  Our government is sending a lot of money to Africa to help the people diagnosed with HIV. We aim to educate members on protective measures against HIV/AIDS.

Referrals on efforts to help prevent leading cause of sickness and death caused by malaria


Art & Cultural Exchange

Exchange program features the talent of Shona stones curving artists which we take pride in all participating artists and their abilities to grow and cultivate new projects that enhance and promote their talents, Southern Africa has a multitude of artists performing their talents the organizational link will connect you to examples of their work, special projects include promotions and exhibits of the crafts and cultural art made including crotchet dresses, hand, bags, shoes, etc.

International Global Trade Training Institute will address skills, and needs of specific sectors to improve productivity, thereby promoting economic growth and competitiveness. With a goal of training business groups and persons, enthusiastic persons especially those from rural / underdeveloped communities.  The motivation would have a knock-on effect increasing employment and reducing poverty, and inequality by developing skills and creativity. Experts team members will impact knowledge, and experience to enhance career development with SAAWEDO and its affiliates.

Wildlife Awareness, Rehabilitation and Lodge Wildlife Awareness, Rehabilitation and Lodge. It is in the Garden Route on a Wildlife Conversation area in a small town located Platenburg Bay, in the Western Cape in South Africa. Experience!! forest end fur and private tour whole day with Tenikwa Safari. Lodge available 7 suites. for information: email: Telephone # 27763529909 at any time or
US-SAAWEDO # 510-860-5906 call or text.

Travel to Africa

Adventure Group Travel favorite Place for Late Princess Diana

Choose schedule group departure or private safari camping in Africa.  Information on tour to Africa and adventures of site seeing natural wild animals moving freely and visiting Victoria Falls one of the seven wonders on the planet itinerary will be provided as per request and Geographical Educational and travel workshops two be provided 1 week before travel.  Tentatively summer travel dates set July 18 – July 2019.

Enjoy your Spectacular View!
“Victoria Falls One of the Seven Wonders in the World”

Network With Us

SAAWEDO would like to network with your organization and Incaest International based in Southern Africa organization was necessitated by the realization that people with visually impaired disabilities share the same problems worldwide. Due to lack of technology for visually impaired people. This has led to broken barriers in achieving social economic independence and less access to attaining viable skills and facilities to thrive. SAAWEDO vision is to bridge gaps affecting the visually impaired. Network allows interaction among participants on technology, socialization, and transformation into active members of the community. This will reduce results of suicide, depression, anxiety, isolation and marginalization caused on by societal bias. The networking of information and accessible facilities will provide members assistance in becoming productive citizens in their communities.




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